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Wenger Respects The Decision Of Jamie Vardy

If Vardy already securing its position, another story reserved future quarterback N'Golo Kanté at the King Power. French international players it probably sold because of Leicester on the verge of an agreement bringing in midfielder Nampalys Mendy from Club of Ligue 1, Nice.

This rumor could not escape the observation of Wenger. French Manager admitted it could not rule out the possibility of buying a player that appears impressive along with France on the 2016 European Championship.

"It is very difficult to talk about it at the moment. KANTÉ list many clubs. This is an area where we have a lot of players. We will see what happens in two or three weeksahead, "said Wenger.

"It looks like the Leicester players had bought from Nice (Nampalys Mendy) with quality similar to Kanté, so do they imagine losing him or not I don't know."

The choice of United Kingdom citizens to get out of the European Union raises the question about the effects posed against the Premier League. However, the Executive Director of the Premier League, Richard Scudamore, optimistic that Brexit will not give bad influence for the Premier League.

Based on a referendum held on Tuesday (24/6/2016), over 50 per cent of United Kingdom citizens choose the option Brexit or out of the European Union.

The referendum results will take effect for the United Kingdom, including the Premier League competition.

Scudamore's own select United Kingdom persist in the European Union.

However, with the results of the referendum had already ensured the result, Scudamore is not worried that the Brexit will inhibit the survival of Premier League.

"The Premier League is very successful and has a domestic and global appeal. Thesetwo things will continue to happen, regardless of the outcome of the referendum, "said Scudamore.

He has not been interested in discussing other implications of this Brexit strongholdvictory.

"It's of little use if we question the worst possibilities before everything is clear. To be sure, we will continue to work closely with the Government and related institutions, "said Scudamore.

The results of the referendum cause reactions quite loudly. Most of those who chose United Kingdom survived in the EU spare results won a Brexit discourse.

The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United and Thierry Henry to Arsenal could have failed to realized in United Kingdom is not incorporated in the European Union.

Because, the last two have not been eligible for national team appearances before moving to the Premier League.

During this time, players from EU countries do indeed get the ease to move to theUnited Kingdom's top tier competition. They do not require national team appearance proviso to get work permits.

Unlike players from non-EU countries. To join the Premier League team, they should be shared for national team of magpies in the specified amount.

The amount varied depending on the FIFA ranking, ranging from 30 percent to 75 percent.

If only the results of a referendum deciding the United Kingdom out of the European Union or known by the British Exit (Brexit), European players also have to qualify.

Manchester United recruit Cristiano Ronaldo from Sporting Clube de Portugal on August 12, 2003. At that time, he has yet to carve out a joint senior national team debut.

The new opportunities it brings Ronaldo when Portugal against Kazakhstan, one week after you complete the transfer with Man United.

Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry decided to leave Arsenal on August 3, 1999. He's been collecting eight appearances along with the French national team at the time.

Only, he has not met the required percentage. The appearance of the published collection of Henry in 1998. But in 1999, he never did get a call from the national team.

Dimitri Sequin

The case of Dimitri similar Sequin Thierry Henry. When it moved to West Ham United in the summer of 2015, he's been melakoni 14 action along with senior national team.

The requirements do not then met. The reason, he just underwent an eight-party of which from 2014 to 2015.

Anthony Martial
Before moving to Manchester United, Anthony Martial hadn't magpies with the senior national team.

Recently after venturing into the big Premier League which is decorated with three goals from two games, Martial called Didier Deschamps to test your cons Portugal, September 2015.

Brexit Can positively impact for young players United Kingdom

"The fact is, half of the players of the Premier League will see work permits them to be just another file. In this situation, I want to bring my clients out of Tottenham, "said Schoots.

The departure of Eriksen would leave a hole deep enough in midfield for Tottenham. A total of eight goals and 16 assists on the season he donated by 2015-2016.

As the utterance Schoots, asa AS Roma and Juventus to recruit Eriksen ever strengthened. The last Club to continue to seek the top midfielder figure since the summerof last year.

To acquire Eriksen, Club enthusiasts have to spend enough in. The market price for him, according to Transfermarkt, reached 29 million euros (around Rp 431 billion).

Thibaut Courtois will not spend all his career with Chelsea. There are eight other clubs that could potentially become a destination next. Courtois

In summer of 2016, Courtois is often associated with Paris-Saint Germain (PSG). Opportunity left open because Chelsea did not qualify to the Champions League.

The rumor was denied by Courtois berikrar devoted at least for the 2016-2017 season. After that, she could just lift away from Stamford Bridge.

"It's hard to say it. I myself do not think to end a career here, "said Courtois.

In deciding to leave, Courtois will probably not glance at PSG. Ligue 1 Champion: for 2015-2016 that is not included in the list of clubs he dreams during childhood.

"In Spain, I often saw Real Madrid and Barcelona. In Germany, there are Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, "said Courtois.

"If in the United Kingdom, I like Arsenal, Manchester United, and Chelsea. There is also a Juventus and AC Milan in Italy. There is no status of favorites, but I always wanted to play there, "he said.

A bit surprising since Real Madrid and Barcelona sign in preferences Courtois. Because, he once defended Atletico Madrid from 2011 to 2014.

The decision of the citizens of the United Kingdom to get out of the European Union (EU) give rise to the pros and cons about the effect will happen. The Chairman of the United Kingdom Football Association FA, Greg Dyke, assume the appearance of the United Kingdom from the European Union will benefit the development of the United Kingdom Football.

One of the impact Brexit aka Britain Exit or the decision to release Eu membership will affect the transfer of players in the Premier League. After the United Kingdom out of the EU, the granting of work permits by persons from other countries will be more selective.

This applies also to the football player from outside the United Kingdom land.

The policy change that is what makes the Dyke is confident that Brexit will help theyounger players get a chance more to compete in the Premier League.

"My anxiety during tenure was increasingly negligible chance young players in big clubs to penetrate the core team. If political developments that are now going to help them, I'm happy-happy alone, "said Dyke.

Publicly, Dyke also claims to be quite surprised by the results of the referendum, ashe chose the United Kingdom persists in the European Union.

However, he did not want to further suppose about the implications that will be brought about Brexit to that in the United Kingdom.

"We do not yet know the difference as far as what happens after Brexit. Clear, clubsmust pass through a long process to recruit players from abroad. We see what happens in the future, "said Dyke.

Arsenal will have to bite the fingers after Jamie Vardy renews its commitment to keep defending the Leicester City on next season. However, Manager Arsene Wenger remains respectful of the decision of the United Kingdom's international striker.

Vardy ended speculation reserved his future Club champion of the Premier League season for 2015-2016. On Thursday (23/6/2016), a 29-year-old attacker was menandangatani new contract duration of four years with The Foxes.

Earlier, Arsenal was very interested, he brought a striker who scored 24 goals all last season to bring Leicester made history to win the Premier League. The Gunners are willing to enable a release clause, which the striker digaet Leicester from the Club "-the middle of nowhere" who engaged in the non-League scene, namely FleetwoodTown.

"I think Leicester has made his statement and Vardy will survive. We are in this case and is interested, but not more than that, "said Wenger as quoted BeIN Sports, Friday (24/6).

"He has decided to be with Leicester and congratulations for her. She came late in the game and fair enough for the Leicester bought it from Fleetwood and her success. He was 29 years old and he has chosen to live in Leicester. You have to respect that. "